• In Loving Memory

    Madison Lane Demers ~ 07.27.06 to 01.05.17

    Nobody ever prepares you to share news like this. Nobody can help you plan well enough to endure the heartache…the hurt…the fear that life will never again be the same. Most of the plans we make are for happy endeavors. For good stuff. For moments we look forward to experiencing…things we are excited to do. That was how Maddie lived, anyway. She never wasted a minute. She greeted every day with a sense of bold adventure, cherishing her happiness and sharing it with everyone. I know she’d want us all to honor her by embracing that spirit…smiling with anticipation over our next endeavor; giggling while we plan our next moment of fun.

    I knew from the moment I felt Maddie’s first kick in my pregnant belly that she was full of spunk. She wasn’t one to sit still and she lived up to that through her entire childhood. An avid fan of both Spiderman and cheerleading, she was the most brilliantly fun and energetic kid you could ever wish to meet. She loved with her whole heart; had a passion for animals; demonstrated kindness towards others; was giving and considerate. She applied herself diligently to everything she ever tried, but she never took herself too seriously. There was nothing Maddie loved more than being a goofball to get everyone laughing. I can still hear her contagious giggle; how I will miss it.

    When we first learned Maddie was sick, we were devastated, but this amazing child wouldn’t let us dwell. She rallied us together and she boldly took charge of her fight. So many nights while she slept, I just stared at her in amazement. It was an honor to be the mother of such a beautiful soul. Her courage and her unyielding desire to beat the monster that was trying to steal her from us was nothing short of inspiring. As she slowly began to show signs that her battle was taking a toll on her, we made sure she knew that we loved her enough to respect her decision if fighting so hard became too much.

    With grace and bravery, our sweet Maddie has decided it is time to rest. I know that if she was able to keep fighting for Mackenzie, Mike and me she would. She loved us so. She is free now…free from suffering and pain. She made her bold and beautiful mark in this world; filling our hearts with joy and happy memories and connecting the lives of friends and strangers alike. We will return to Florida with her, where we will honor her memory by celebrating her beautiful, though too short, time on this earth.

    Thank you for the love, support, prayers and thoughts. Maddie loved every one of you.